Join AIA in any capacity and access life time opportunities while developing your skills and growth for societal development.

What you stands to benefits from joining:

  • You stand to enhance marketability of your CV by listing working with this transformative initiative that is gaining traction across the globe as part of your experiences;
  • You also stand to network and refine your professional skills and your talents to make you more competitive in the entrepreneurial & job market;
  • You stand to build partnerships with complementary actors towards offering your professional skills in bridging specified gaps along the sustainable AIA ideological continuum;
  • You stand to build partnerships with complementary actors towards establishing enterprises that bridge specified gaps along the AIA continuum and create opportunities for yourself and many others;
  • Personal and professional development resources;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Professional certification that can help your career (leadership training);
  • Service and support from the national and international organization;
  • Opportunities to develop one’s leadership skills;
  • Regular organization conferences;
  • Member publications;
  • Organizing and holding AIA International Foundation conferences, summit, meeting in any/each various states or zones;
  • Travel globally to any of AIA International events;
  • Represent and Receiving Awards nomination for AIA International Foundation in the state;
  • Meet with different Local, National and International Leaders on events;
  • Regular opportunities sharing;
  • Monthly Training session with seasoned professionals and social leaders across various fields.

Classes of Membership

Honorary Members

Honorary membership is for individuals and organisations who want to commit to collectively set the agenda and priorities for the AIA alliance. Members input into AIA Strategic Priorities, nominate and elect the Board of Directors, and play a leadership role in key activities by convening events, steering campaigns and co-designing programme initiatives. Honorary members contribute their fee towards the Membership Solidarity Fund, which enhances alliance solidarity and civil society diversity and resilience. Contribution for individuals and organisations with an annual subscription. Honorary members will be verified as legitimate and credible civil society actors who align with AIA values and principles.

Associate Members

Associate membership is for those who are committed to citizen action and civil society. They are legitimate and credible civil society actors who align with AIA values and principles. Associate members organise, support, speak up, champion or advocate for citizen participation and civil society on local, national, regional and/or global levels. Member engagement opportunities are regularly shared with associate members.

Volunteer Members

Volunteer membership is for those who are passionate about the development of their environment and are eager to contribute themselves to the growth by dedicated to community service and others.

Membership Application Form